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Why re-register before February 2nd?

 The re-registration process guarantees your spot for the 2024-2025 school year

Access exclusive discounts only available to our currently enrolled families until February 2nd

Follow these steps to re-register and save your spot for the 2024-2025 school year:

1. Complete the re-registration form by  Friday, February 2nd 2024 (sent via email or visit your school office) 

2. Pay the Re-registration fee before the due date of  Friday, February 2nd 2024.

Re-registration Fee: $600 

Regular Registration Fee after February 2nd: $1000

3. Read our updated statement of policies and sign the Acknowledgement form. 

4. If any child, parent, or guardian information has changed in the last year (Contact information, Emergency contacts, and/or medical information) please contact our school office to be provided with a new enrollment packet.

Note: Families that do not complete the re-registration process will forfeit their spot and will be subject to the full registration fee ($1000) if they decide to register after the due date.

Your child is applicable to re-register if:

Your child is actively enrolled and attending our Preschool Program during the re-registration process and throughout the rest of the school year ((summer included).

Your child’s enrollment is active, and payments are fully paid


Take advantage of this process, make sure you save your child’s spot for the New School Year. Let us continue to provide your family with WOW learning experiences; and prepare your child for the future!

Our preschool Program Includes:

• VESS Curriculum & Thinking Based Bi-Lingual Education: A neuro-science based, holistic approach to the development of the whole child. VESS is thoughtfully crafted to develop a life-long love for learning and exploration, nurture higher-level thinking skills, and develop individuals that are autonomous in acquiring balance, wisdom and purpose throughout their lives.

Enrichment classes: we have integrated our enrichment classes with the purpose of emphasizing physical, cognitive, and social development. The classes included are: Music, P.E. and Mindful Me Yoga.

A daily nutritious well-balanced Lunch with organic and vegetarian options available. Morning and afternoon snacks are also included. Throughout every meal of the day, we help foster habits of Mindful eating that allow your children to be fully immersed in the experience of food in the moment of eating or interacting with it.

Two weeks of vacation (included in your current price). Please note that you will not see an additional credit to your account at your time of vacation., as this was taken into consideration when developing our 24/25 school year rates.

Yes, we do offer VPK! 3 free hours for children that are 4 years old by September 1st, 2023. Parents can choose between 3 free hours during the school year or 8 free hours during the summer (at no additional cost)

• Parents night out are offered two times a month from 7-10 pm. Your children will enjoy a night with friends supervised by our professional school teachers while parents take advantage of a night out!