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VESS IV Intrinsic Motivation, Well-being and Learning (9 modules)

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    Welcome to "VESS IV: Intrinsic
    Motivation, Well-being and Learning".

    To the VESS Model, the development of an individual must establish a balance between the development of thought and character, understanding that in the current context, we need skills that allow us to recognize emotions, know ourselves, relate to others, be persevering, empathetic and resilient.

    In this sense, education must provide spaces where learners can recognize and manage their emotions in authentic situations intentionally, that is, planned, proposing objectives that allow holistic education to be achieved, beyond the curriculum.

    VESS IV, invites us to continue discovering complexity of the education of the human being, strongly stating the need that education must be holistic and must give importance to the development of character so that individuals can truly develop with a life in balance, with sense and wisdom.