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VESS II – Sustainable Cultures of Thinking – 4 weeks – Edu1st Schools

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    Once the institutional transformation has begun, breaking the traditional paradigms and putting into action the tools provided by the VESS model, a process of deep reflection continues so we can clearly understand how a Culture of Thought is built and developed, and what actions should be taken to strengthen and carry it out and make it sustainable over time.

    This course will address three fundamental elements for the construction of a VESS Culture of Thinking: first, the Cultural Forces, which correspond to categories that serve to look at and know a culture, since they allow us to see what is valued and what are the predominant beliefs. Second, Habits of Mind, which are life tools that include mental actions and / or abilities, which allow efficient thinking, and therefore must be promoted in a routine, conscious and varied way. Third, Concept Maps, which are graphic tools to organize ideas and promote thinking, through images and associations, which add tools to make thinking visible in learners.

    This course is an opportunity to understand how to build a Culture of Thinking, transcending the school institution, providing the students with tools for life and seeking to impact families, the immediate environment and today's society.