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Thinking Culture in early childhood: Let’s get to work!

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    The first few years of a person are essential for its development; the approach you have in the child’s upbringing/education through the first stage of its life will determine its potential. The experiences they live through, the context in which they grow up, the expectations you have in their learning process are some of the aspects that determine and enhance their current and future corporal, cognitive, language, emotional and spiritual, social, and artistic development. 

    It is an invitation to recognize the early childhood teachers’ responsibility and, in this way, generate, in a creative manner, appropriate and meaningful contexts, integrate experiences and strategies to guarantee a good development for each individual, while seeking to encourage autonomy, wonder, a connection with others and with the environment, thinking, being creative, and to form the capacity of playing for learning. Finally, the integration of this perspective will lead to the education of individuals living a meaningful life with balance and purpose, capable of adding value through their actions.