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Practical Guide to the Development of Thought in the Humanities, the Arts and Languages

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The educational change that the VESS Model encourages and supports, gives teachers the challenge of taking to practice, in their classrooms, the different theories and concepts they have understood and used; this involves the consolidation of meaningful learning contexts and rich experiences for the teachers, while encouraging the careful achievement of the required learning objectives. However, the process of achieving those objectives must guarantee deep levels of understanding and raise the possibilities to generate a transfer of learnings to different contexts, especially, to those beyond the educational institutions.

To achieve the above, the teachers will have to consolidate the appropriate opportunities to encourage the curious exploration of the world and the development of skills for life; for this, social sciences, languages, and the arts present numerous opportunities to be used as a mean to guarantee the education of individuals that lead meaningful lives with balance and wisdom. Building, from the classroom, a VESS Culture of Thinking means a change in paradigms, the acquisition of tools, and the development of abilities to take advantage of the learning opportunities. This workshop’s purpose is to give teachers multiple practical strategies to encourage educational transformation, from the classroom, creating meaningful contexts that will allow the students achieve understanding and the transfer to generate positive impacts in society.




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