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Practical Guide for the Development of Thought in Science

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    The VESS Culture of Thinking construction process represents a great opportunity for teachers, students, and leaders; generating rich and meaningful contexts that allow the achievement, through different means, of the learning objectives is a challenge for the teachers because it implies taking educational theories to practices in the classroom. Science has multiple opportunities to encourage intrinsic motivation, curiosity, methodic inquiry, hypothesis formulation, creation with a purpose, problem-solving, among others. In the same way, it generates clear transfer opportunities for the students, managing to transcend the classroom, adding value, and generating an impact in society.

    Thus, the scientific perspective allows us to make sense and give order to the world and to life, because of this, building a Culture of Thinking from the classrooms involves a change in paradigms, the acquisition of tools, and the development of skills to take advantage of the learning opportunities. The purpose of this workshop is to support the teachers that are in this process, providing practical strategies to encourage a VESS Culture of Thinking from the sciences, taking advantage of the opportunities present in this area of knowledge to generate rich and meaningful learning contexts that motivate the development of understanding, abilities, and dispositions for life.