Our VESS Model has been certified by the state of Florida for the School Readiness Program! - Edu1st


This certification further ratifies the impact of the VESS Model’s methods and philosophy. VESS empowers individuals with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary to live meaningful lives with balance, purpose, and the ability to act wisely in order to add value and generate win-win outcomes in every situation. It nurtures individuals with the know-how needed to adapt and respond to a world in constant evolution.

The Florida School Readiness program offers financial support to qualifying families whose children attend a certified-early-childhood school. It focuses on helping families remain self-sufficient while their children attend schools that will help them succeed in life.

Florida Early Learning and Development Standards are based on principles that incorporate the collective knowledge of experts in the field of early learning and child development. Like we do, the program emphasizes the importance of the first five years of life as a period of fast growth and the formation of life-long habits and dispositions.


Our certification demonstrates the School Readiness Program’s recognition that the VESS Model meets the following standards established by the Office of Early Learning as well as state and federal health and safety requirements. 


-Address the use of school materials, programs, the environment, and the interaction between children and adults within the early childhood setting.

-Guides the design of children’s goals for learning and development, the experiences children will have to achieve those goals and the way in which adults, both staff and families will support children’s learning to achieve school success.

– It motivates teachers and adults around the child to provide intentional and appropriate experiences that enhance children’s learning.

-Provide age-appropriate activities that challenge children’s abilities.

-It fosters enriching and responsive relationships as the foundation of health, growth, and brain development.

-It uses coherent methods with continuity of experience to promote development.

-It understands that developmental milestones occur in a somewhat predictable order, but each child develops at an individual rate.

-It respects and makes use of the fact that children learn in many ways and multiple settings.


Florida Early Learning and Developmental Standards: Birth to Kindergarten were developed in collaboration with experts in the field of early learning and are based on the following principles which incorporate their collective knowledge about child development and best practices


-The first five years are a period of rapid growth and development.

-Nurturing and responsive relationships are the foundation of health, growth, and development. 5 Form OEL-SR-7102 (June 2018) Rule 6M-4.710, F.A.C.

-Consistency and continuity of experiences promote development.

-Developmental milestones occur in a somewhat predictable order, but each child develops at a unique pace.

-Children learn in many ways and in multiple settings.

-Adults can provide intentional and appropriate experiences that enhance children’s learning.


A curriculum that achieves approval is defined as having a set of comprehensive published materials that:


-Align themselves with approved School Readiness developmental standards.

-Make use of learning indicators in children.

-Promote the involvement of the family in the learning process.

-Integrate collaboration with experts in child development to ensure good practices for early learning.

-Promote enriching relationships between children.


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