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Edu1st is a pioneering organization created in the United States that seeks, with integrity and passion, to transform education by promoting a culture of thinking that lasts. To achieve this, Edu1st created and developed the VESS Model, an institutional transformation model endorsed by the University of Barcelona, which is being implemented in many educational institutions around the world.

Founded in 2020

Edu1st was incorporated in the United States in 2000 by Ana María Fernández and Gilberto Pinzón.

International Interdisciplinary Team

Those who lead an international, interdisciplinary team of more than 150 professionals; passionate about education.

6 Early Childhood Education Centers

Edu1st owns 6 early childhood education centers in Florida, United States.

Owner and creator of the VESS Model

The 6 Edu1st centers, the 2 international schools in Colombia and the VESS International Network, which is made up of more than 120 schools; They base their work on the VESS Educational Model, whose acronym stands for: “Balanced Life with Meaning and Wisdom”.

Transforming education in the world

The team seeks to generate a positive impact in the community through educational transformation; in order to actively contribute to society and form individuals who lead Balanced lives with Meaning and Wisdom.

More than 20 years of experience in educational management

Model developed both from theory and academic research, as well as from the practice and experience of leaders, teachers and students.

Leadership, evolution and development

Edu1st, in collaboration with the University of Barcelona, launched the first Neuroeducation Chair in Spain; being the founders of Edu1st teachers in the Neuroeducation program offered by this University.

In turn, this entity certifies the complete VESS program and together they continually seek to develop new courses and lines of research.

Edu1st also leads the VESS International Thinking Week, a week of international conferences held annually that brings together world leaders and experts in education.

Permanent innovation

Edu1st leads permanent research, updating and innovation processes.

Awards and certifications

The VESS Model is:

  • Pioneers in the implementation of Visible Thinking in early childhood education
  • Fundación Telefónica in Spain recognized in 2016, the VESS Model as one of the most innovative educational programs in the World
  • Endorsed by the University of Barcelona
  • Certified for School Readiness by the State of Florida
  • Awarded in 2019, with the award for the protagonists of education for “Magisterium Awards.” The Award to the Protagonists of Education recognizes teachers, educational centers, administrations, foundations, and companies, which contribute to the educational development of the world through their work.

VESS Edu Journal

VESS Edu Journal is a publication in alliance with Rima ediciones, in order to generate content oriented to Educational Vanguardism.

Its objective is to build an ecosystem of meaningful learning in community.

VESS Virtual Campus

Edu1st launches the Virtual Campus in 2020, a space that includes:

  • Training and certification process for VESS Trainers
  • Virtual coaching in the classroom
  • + than 20 courses in hybrid format
  • Deepening workshops
  • Training in VESS Thought Cultures (VESS I – VESS V)

Why choose us?

Pioneering And Innovative In Education

Edu1st is continuously seeking, studying, and integrating the best and most innovative approaches in education to build a model that develops the skills required for learning in a rapidly evolving world.

International Background And Presence

Edu1st is an American company recognized by more than 120 schools that have implemented the VESS Model, and that make up the VESS International Network. The VESS Model is also fully certified by the University of Barcelona.

Coaching, Updates And Training

Edu1st brings about educational transformation by turning theory and research into practice. Edu1st supports teachers and administrators with coaching sessions and continuing education to implement a Culture of Thinking that lasts.

International And Interdisciplinary Team

Edu1st is comprised of a team of passionate professionals and educators working to make an impact and promote a positive change in the community through a visionary and transformative education.


The Edu1st VESS Model provides innovative strategies and educational tools to create a process that easily adapts to the needs of each school and their institutional reality.

Meaningful Lives With Balance And Wisdom

The VESS model promotes education through understanding and applying what is learned beyond the classroom. It guides individuals, so they lead meaningful lives, with balance and wisdom.

What we offer?

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