• An exciting way to understand education Innovation that brings together the best educational models in the world! More information
  • VESS Model Enhances the identity of each school's unique educational project. More information
  • We come from practice, not just theory We are guides and advisors from the beginning of the VESS Model implementation, which offers multiple and innovative methodologies and educational tools. More information
  • A Model that transforms We implement a sustainable thinking culture, that achieves a real, deep and sustainable change over time. More information
  • Growing, sharing and learning together. VESS is inviting you to be part of the from the International School Network that is transforming the education of the world. More information
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 Coaching VESS IV & V2 may 2018 - 4 may 2018 Evento private Spain
 Coaching VESS II & III7 may 2018 - 8 may 2018 Evento private Spain
 Coaching VESS IV & V9 may 2018 - 11 may 2018 Evento private Spain