• We offer a vanguard, eclectic, and holistic educational model Edu1st has developed an innovative model that offers the best worldwide educational projects based on research about the brain, mind, and education.
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  • Our educational system is a strategic, systematic, and sustainable model based on research that transforms educational institutions Through the construction of a VESS Culture of Thinking a real and deep change can be made, enhancing each institution’s educational mission.  More information
  • Real transformation through strategic training and continuous accompaniment, which ensures that the theory is put into practice The VESS model of education includes innovative strategies, educational tools, and an international network. Education First builds and helps to consolidate institutional processes, adapting to the needs and the reality of each institution in accordance with our view of a world that is constantly evolving.  More information
  • VESS seeks to develop our students to their maximum potential through integral development, helping them to live a VESS life, a “Meaningful life with Balance and Wisdom” VESS encourages the understanding and sharing of what is learned through the development of thinking skills, analytical, critical, and creative thinking as well as habits of mind.
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  • The VESS International Network  An international network of schools committed to worldwide educational change. We grow, share, and learn together.
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  • Edu1st’s recognition and support The model created and verified by Edu1st is currently used in 60 schools on four continents. In these schools, research, innovation, and best practices are a reality.
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  • IV VESS International Summit  Information
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 Edu1st’s IV International VESS Summit24 oct 2018 - 27 oct 2018 Evento public Colegio SS.CC. Manquehue / Chile
 VESS I5 nov 2018 - 6 nov 2018 Evento private España
 Formador de Formadores de VESS I7 nov 2018 - 8 nov 2018 Evento private España
 II National Congress of Educational Innovation9 nov 2018 - 10 nov 2018 Evento public Spain
 Coaching VESS I29 nov 2018 - 3 dec 2018 Evento private Poland