Edu1st.Preschools is now preparing for a gradual reopening, adhering to the strictest measures for Covid-19 prevention - Edu1st

In order to guarantee that we fulfill our top priority: your child’s  psychological, emotional & physical wellbeing


These days have brought with them many moments of growth and learning for us all, and now even more than ever, we see the importance of supporting the family and community we’ve built together. With that in mind, and after careful consideration, research, and preparation, we can say with certainty that we are now ready to offer a new option to you and your family.


On May 26th, 2020, we will begin the Gradual Reopening of our schools, going far beyond Florida requirements to ensure that your child and our staff stay safe and healthy.


What we are doing:  


-Daily professional disinfecting, cleaning, and sanitizing of our facilities.

Professionally fumigating throughout school premises.

-Performing beyond regulation AC equipment maintenance, to guarantee optimal air quality conditions.

-Consulting with a team of doctors who are part of our reopening committee and strictly following their suggestions to adjust our Policies and Procedures and go beyond the recommendations of our regulating entities (DCF, CDC, Dept. of Health). 

-Purchasing safety equipment for our team recommended by that team of doctors.   

-Coming together with pediatricians and other healthcare professionals to administer training for our whole team on Covid-19 spread prevention.

-Preparing and training our cleaning and maintenance team in Covid-19 virus disinfection, including on the specific guidelines provided by our regulating entities. 



About Our Edu1st.PreK 2 Go “Online program”:


Along with our school’s facilities reopening, the PreK.2Go online program will continue running as it has been, and families may now choose between both services. You will have the option of keeping your children at home, bringing them to school, or using both services part-time.

Keep reading to discover some at-home activities you could do with your child!


Staff Training: 


Training sessions will be held by a team of professionals and by Edu1st team members.Training will include, but won’t be limited to: 

-Using masks and safety equipment effectively.

Drop-off and pick-up procedures. 

Daily Classroom and playground cleaning and sanitizing.

-Covid-19 symptom screening and detection (at drop-off and throughout the day).

-Procedures for Covid-19 prevention during naptime. 

-Food handling procedures.

Playground policies and procedures.

All DCF and Health Department policies and procedures.

Sharing, growing and learning together


At Edu1st.Preschools, we believe that this situation is an excellent opportunity to promote and accelerate the deep, significant, and sustainable changes that education has been needing for a while now. Therefore, we sustain that many of the changes happening in schools today should not be seen as something exclusively temporary, but as new methods that could very well become part of the way we educate once the quarantine is over.

Of course, we will return to our schools and classrooms, but that doesn’t mean that we will forget what we have learned during these times.


We have found that:


-We are all capable of generating change, adapting, learning, and taking risks.

-If students and teachers, like all people,  have the right mentality, they can give a lot more than anyone could expect.

-Emotional bonding and the collective element are fundamental in moments of joy and difficulty, and we have to promote them.

-With or without technology, Leadership is always essential and cannot be substituted.  It requires a stable and empathetic leader that allows others to take risks and learn in different ways.

-Through our online service, parents have become more aware about what happens in school, and that helps them understand, value, and get even more involved in their child’s learning journey.

-Students become highly motivated to learn when they are allowed to exercise autonomy and appropriate for their own learning.

-Technology allows us to generate differentiation in the classroom.

-Our VESS curriculum is compatible and even complemented by technology and at-home-learning.

-If a team is led with fairness, heart, and respect, it will come together to achieve amazing things.

On behalf of the entire Edu1st team, we want to express how excited we are about having some of you back in school with us and seeing your smiling faces in our classrooms once again. We look forward to continuing to grow and learn with each one of you: at school or at home.


If you have any questions regarding our schools’ reopening, or about any other topic, please contact us.


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