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VESS I - II Jardín Infantil Clap Clap

08janAll Day12VESS I - II Jardín Infantil Clap Clap

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The VESS I training is the start of the educational transformation process to build a VESS Culture of Thinking. Participants will be part of an intensive workshop focused on questioning paradigms, exploring and understanding thinking as a pedagogical strategy, as well as learning strategies that promote the development of thinking for meaningful learning. Furthermore, it will examine the neuroscience foundations on which the basic principles that support a VESS Culture of Thinking are built on.

The VESS II training is a workshop to encourage understanding the transcendence of the educational transformation, recognizing that cultural change is an essential element in that process of change. Attendees explore the different thinking tools and understand their strategic use to achieve the objectives related to 21st-century essential habits, attitudes, and skills. Additionally, as teachers, they reflect on the impact of their actions over the learning process and their role as builders of context, encouraging in their learners meaningful learning and the development of thinking.



january 8 (Wednesday) - 12 (Sunday)


Jardín Infantil Clap Clap

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