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Coaching VESS IV - V Escola Infantil La Farga

04marAll Day07Coaching VESS IV - V Escola Infantil La Farga

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Edu1st’s objective, through the onsite coaching, is to perform formative assessments and follow-up to the VESS Culture of Thinking implementation process in the educational institutions. In addition to supporting leaders and teachers, the mentor-coach seeks evidence of the implementation progress according to each stage, and suggests strategies to set the pace for the process of change. This is a space for learning and reflection, an opportunity for individual and institutional growth. For this Stage, the Edu1st team focuses its observations on the intentionality towards the individual’s holistic development, his or her character development.

The VESS V training is about establishing educational transformation through assessment. Attendees understand planning and assessment as dynamic and simultaneous processes that allow for the implementation of the cultural change the team has brought about. They understand that assessments determine the expectations of an educational culture and its learning objectives, and direct all the teaching and learning processes. This allows participants to work in groups to plan meaningful learning that transcends the school and contributes to the individual’s holistic development, guaranteeing they have the understanding, knowledge, skills, and attitude to live a VESS life.

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