How to transform education: Practical tools for building sustainable thinking cultures in the classroom and at the school.

Participants: Educators and institutions will begin their transformation in education through the creation of a VESS Culture of Thinking.

Objective: To be a space for learning and deep reflection, while supporting VESS Culture of Thinking. This workshop is the beginning of the educational. We will grow you through face-to-face Zoom meetings with synchronous sessions, as well as, autonomous guidance of the participant through asynchronous sessions.

What should hope to learn?

  • Learn to explore and understand thought as a Pedagogical Strategy
  • Learn strategies that promote the development of thinking for meaningful learning
  • Learn to explore the foundations of neuroscience and the basic principles that sustain a VESS Culture of Thinking

Access to tools and media

  • Access to a virtual learning platform and educational material, such as media libraries and online resources (podcasts, books, articles, etc.)
  • Guided videos on the training topics
  • Deep learning activities
  • Summaries and videos of the synchronous meetings.

The VESS impact:

VESS has helped both teachers and students adapt more quickly to the changes that education has undergone by developing autonomous individuals, who take ownership of their learning process. VESS has developed a method of study and understanding habits that facilitated this process, while achieving a stable and safe transition for, both, learners and educators.

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