Vision, Passion and WorkVision, Passion and WorkAna Maria Fernandez and Gilberto Pinzón during an interview made in Spain, where they explain Edu1st’s educational vision and its daily work.
Edu1st VESS - Educational ModelEdu1st VESS - Educational ModelWhy do the students and teachers get bored, and why are they unmotivated? Why are the parents not satisfied with educational programs?
What is Visible Thinking?What is Visible Thinking?Why do we forget what we have learned the moment we finish an exam?
Salzillo de Molina de Segura SchoolSalzillo de Molina de Segura SchoolVESS Educational Model Accreditation Process
Gilberto Pinzón and Ana María FernándezGilberto Pinzón and Ana María FernándezWhat is Thinking as a Pedagogical Strategy?
Almedina de Córdoba SchoolAlmedina de Córdoba SchoolElena Lara, School Principle, talks about VESS Educational Model.
Focus ChileFocus ChileThe Power of Making Thinking Visible
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