About us

About us


Education First (Edu1st) is a vanguard organization that does pioneer work with integrity and passion, in the search for a culture of thinking and learning. We have a team of people who strive to make an impact and a positive change in the community through a visionary education.


Edu1st was founded in the United States on January of 2000 by Ana María Fernández and Gilberto Pinzón. They now lead a team of more than 100 professionals who are passionate about education and its power to develop individuals and transform societies.


As founder of 6 early childhood centers in the United States, 2 international schools in Colombia, and a Network of VESS Centers in America and Spain, Edu1st bases its proposal not only on theories and academic research, but also on the vision and experience of an operator who confronts the same daily challenges of any school director or teacher at an educational center. In June 2014, the VESS program, was selected by the State of Florida to be implemented in early childhood centers across the state.


We educate children from their first years of early childhood with an approach on progressive learning, using the best educational tools and methodologies to develop thinking skills and dispositions, as well as habits of mind. At the same time we educate teachers and the whole community in the search for a culture of thinking and learning.

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