Natalia Pinzon - Edu1st

Natalia Pinzon

CPO - Chief People Officer and PreK 2 Go Operations Director


Natalia Pinzón joined the Edu1st team in 2015 as the leader of our Wellness Program, which focuses on promoting health and wellness throughout our Edu1st community. She later became the director of operations for Edu1st.Preschool. When Edu1st opened its new line: “PreK 2 go”, “Virtual or distance preschool” Natalia became the director of this new venture and in turn alternates this role with being a recruitment specialist for Edu1st.Preschools.

Natalia Pinzón has been a registered nutritionist for 5 years and a nutritionist at heart for as long as she can remember. She completed her studies at Cornell University, where she discovered her love of preventive nutrition and wellness.

Later, she trained and specialized in pediatric kidney nutrition while working in the pediatric dialysis center at Jackson Memorial Hospital, which gave her an understanding of child nutrition and how to help children eat healthy in an enjoyable way.